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Islasur. From nature, straight to your table

Islasur, S.A. is a food enterprise located in Isla Mayor (Seville), and is a state-of-the-art plant, which houses three main production lines: fresh fish, pre-fried deep-frozen products, and cooked shrimps and prawns. The plant is equipped with a classified fishing line, a deep-freezing tunnel, automatic fryers, and packing plants where the different species and products are classified and prepared for commercialisation.

Products marketed by Islasur are cultivated in the marine farm at Veta la Palma. Fish caught first thing in the morning at Veta la Palma arrives at the markets the same night. Placing the fish in ice immediately after being caught and keeping it here throughout the whole classification, packaging and transportation process, means that it deteriorates at a much slower rate than normal, and ensures that the fish remains fresh for more than a week.


Pesca en Veta la Palma


Since 2007, both Islasur (marketer) and Pimsa (producer) have been certified for their Quality System, based on the UNE:EN:ISO 9001:2000 standard. This certification confirms our desire to develop with continuous progress, in order to provide an increasingly streamlined response to our clients.

Over time, the brand Islasur has been introduced and reinforced with growing success into the major national and European markets, and is currently the leading company for the most prestigious, highly demanded products in the sector.

Fresh Seabass

Islasur maintains its services throughout the year, adapting to the needs and demands of our clients. Our products are consistent in both price and quality, with no seasonal peaks or troughs.

 Islasur, a company in charge of processing and marketing aquaculture, belongs to the Hisparroz Group, one of the largest agro-food companies in Europe.


El chef Julio Fernández, del restaurante Abantal, preparando un plato con una de nuestras lubinas de Veta la Palma. Chef Julio Fernández, at restaurant Abantal, preparing a dish with one of our sea bass from Veta la Palma. 


In the following video, watch the prestigious chef, Dan Barber, fall in love with a fish from Islasur, Veta la Palma:

(Subtitles are available if you require them)


Veta la Palma in ICON magazine

A Sevillian sanctuary where people fall in love with fish