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Veta la Palma

Veta la Palma is a large farm, situated in the heart of the Guadalquivir Salt Marshes. Breeding bleak, meagre, sea bream and sea bass live together in this privileged environment, within the rich and varied wildlife of one of the most emblematic protected spaces in Europe: the Doñana National Park, which gives the fish various unique culinary qualities, in terms of both flavour and texture.

Veta la Palma covers an area of 3,200 hectares, flooded with water of unbeatable quality, and is home to a significant population of fish and crustaceans, which form the basis of aquacultures. An example of integrated action, Veta la Palma is boosting the environment of the area, by introducing new economic values of conservation, based on principles of sustainability. 

Veta la Palma only markets its fish and seafood when the nutritional properties, texture, smell and taste of the products are of the highest quality. We respect the natural cycles of the Guadalquivir Salt Marshes and avoid intensifying production, therefore increasing sustainability and efficiency of a production model that also offers many environmental services to its surroundings.

In this way, Islasur provides you with products of exceptional quality, which are widely appreciated by the final consumer and by restaurants in Spain and worldwide.   


With more than 3000 hectares of inundated land next to the Doñana National Park, the farm supports an exceptional space for the rich fauna of poultry: flamencos, grey herons, shovellers, mallards and so on find refuge and nourishment at Veta la Palma.

Veta la Palma


Ángel León at Veta la Palma. Chef of the Sea.

“Ángel León visits the Doñana Natural Park, the largest ecological reserve in Southern Europe. It is here, in Puebla del Río, Seville, where the farm, Veta la Palma is located; a privileged spot that is a real example of a sustainable ecosystem in the very heart of river Guadalquivir.

Chef of the Sea aims to explain the properties of estuary fish living in their natural state in these types of spaces. In the company of the prestigious Japanese chef, Toshio Tsutsui, Ángel León prepares various recipes with raw fish and experiences the joys of camping”.

Ángel León en Veta la Palma


Dan Barber. TED Conferences

Watch the prestigious chef, Dan Barber, fall in love with a fish from Veta la Palma:





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